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  • Jaded 4th of July Party Bag:Tray, Paper Joint, Grinder, Jaded Disposable vape, Flower 2g or 2 Pre-roll for only $44
  • Apothecanna: 40% OFF Extra Strength Spray
  • Specktra:If suffering from localized pain, you can get a free 96-hour Pain Relief Patch (ask for yours at the store) / Limited Time. (allowed one time)
  • Papa & Barkley:Buy any Papa & Barkley product, Get a 5ml Tincture OR a 5ml Topical
  • Stonebush :Buy 1, Get 1 for $1
  • Jaded: Buy any Jaded Preroll, Get one Jaded Preroll at 50% OFF
  • Jaded: Buy any Disposable Vape .5g, Get one Jaded disposable Vape for 50% OFF
  • Jaded: Buy any Jaded flower, Get 50% OFF the second with a rolling paper or grinder for $1
  • Jaded: Buy 1 Cartridge, Get one Jaded Cart at 50% OFF.
  • Level: Buy any Protab or Tablingual, Get Camino Pride for $1
  • NUG: Buy 1 Nug Pop, Get 1 for $1
  • NUG: Buy an 1/8th Get one for 50% OFF (Mimosa or Fire)